A business trip, a visit to your family, during the restoration of your home or a gift, consult us to explore together the best offer of accommodation at La Fontaine des Arts.
The natural environment where you'll find La Fontaine des Arts established in its wonderful garden is a story recounted between Marie-France the proprietor and nature. Designed following the style of artists' homes, her garden is a place of free expression, exuding a fragrance of friendship and dreams. Come into the courtyard, bordered by aromatic plants, 'lavender, rosemary, thyme', medicinal plants, 'sage', and ornamentals, 'roses, petunias, daisies, lilies'. Cross the doorstep and step into this living art. You will feel at home... on holiday beside the river, in the midst of swans and ducks, who rub shoulders in the warm surroundings of this property.
Gîtes de France