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Things to do in and around Mansle : more information from the Tourist Office, Place du Gardoire 16230 Mansle - Tel/Fax 05 45 20 39 91

15 minutes away : The Valley of the Monkeys at Romagne, in a wooded park of 8 hectares, gorillas, marmosets, pygmy monkeys, rhesus monkeys, gibbons, capuchin monkeys, all flourish in semi-liberty. Don't miss the African Island where there are mandrills....

45 minutes away : Futuroscope at Poitiers, sensational moments and unforgetable discoveries.

An hour and 30 minutes away: The aquarium at La Rochelle which shows a marine environment of 3 million litres of sea water. You can explore the wildlife and flora of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and the tropical seas and oceans.

Cliff climbing and to lep from branch to branch in the valley of clear waters. A site consiting of around 30 limestone cliffs, covered in woods of box trees, junipers and green oaks. The majority of the ways are very short, with levels of difficulty from 3 to 9. With almost 400 itineraries, there are numerous possibilities offered to adventurers of all levels, even absolute beginners. Tel. 05 45 95 52 41

Tree climbing and arboricultural hikes an activity undertaken in total security supervised by an instructor with a state permit and licence : a child-like and sensorial approach to the forest, watching the flora and fauna from the top of the peaks.

Supervised bathing : Rejallant leisure centre at Condac, Les Gours lake, Trois Fontaines lake at Villefagnan.

Velo-rail revitalising the disused railway tracks between Roumazieres and Confolens.

Trips in covered wagons, an unusual way of discovering the Charente and 'going green'.

Trips on a packsaddled donkey, a docile companion on the road, used to children, equipped with saddlebags, he will take you where you want to go from Pranzac to Varaignes, passing by Hautefaye and Nontron.

Adventure Park in the Lakes of the Haute Charente at Massignac, more than 70 games on 7 routes for lovers of nature, the emotions and the senses.
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