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10 minutes away : Gyro Club ULM Charentais At the airfield, Saint Ciers sur Bonnieure Tel. 05 45 22 22 33 Site : www.autogire-vente-formation.com

25 minutes away : Golf course ‘L’Hirondelle’ at Angouleme, 18 holes of 5365M, which extends over 34 hectares, par 70, slope 139. Tel. 05 45 61 16 94

30 minutes away : Cognac Golf Course on the banks of the Charente between Cognac and Jarnac, 18 holes of 6142M, par 72, slope 139, tel. 05 45 32 18 17

Special Events at Mansle and surrounding areas.

The weekend prior to Mothers’ Day
, the Floral Exhibition of the Ruffecois countryside.

The last week of March
, the wine show at Mansle.

In April
, the photography show in Ruffec.

The 4th weekend of May
, the old book show in Tusson.

In June
, the Puppet Festival in Ruffec.

In July
, the International Dance Festival at Mansle

In July
, the rock festival at Ruffec.

In August
, the International Festival of songs and music of the world at Confolens.

1st weekend in September
, the basketwork fair at Saint-Fraigne.

3rd. week in September
, Barrobjectif the Festival of photo-journalism at Barro.

4th weekend in September
, Ecology fair at Nanclars.

In October
, the book show at Ruffec.

At Angouleme

Last weekend of January
, the Cartoon Festival

June mix Music

3rd. weekend of September
, the Circuit around the Ramparts

In October
, piano en Vallois

In November
, the Gourmets ( Food fair )

At Cognac

In April
, the Police-film Festival

In June
, Classical Music Festival

In July
, the Blues Festival Passion

In September
, the Festival of street art.

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